Welcome to Dominion Plastics

Since 1961 Dominion Plastics P/L has forged a reputation by developing and manufacturing superior quality surface coatings to suit the most demanding specialised applications and environments. Dominion Plastic Industries Pty Ltd was purchased by A&I Coatings Pty Ltd in 2011, and continues to operate with the same focus on servicing and supporting our broad base of local, national and international customers. Product branding, customer service and technical support will remain at the same level of professionalism and expertise. We have an ongoing commitment to quality manufacturing procedures, together with responsible environmental measures. For more information, visit www.aicoatings.com.au.

Over the years Dominion Plastics continued to expand its range, with products formulated to suit diverse activities such as construction and food preparation, through to mining and other industries. Along with this we serviced our clients by formulating and manufacturing to their specific needs, including individual customer branding.

Our product range encompasses coatings for industrial, domestic and D.I.Y. applications. Our versatile range now reflects an ongoing commitment to the needs of all of our customers.